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Glossier- Why Is Everyone Falling Into the Gloss?

Glossier. You have probably heard this name before. It is an extremely popular, up and coming cosmetics brand in America started by a woman named Emily Weiss. Its popularity is picking up unbelievable speed and it seems like Glossier is the new craze. Their products quickly become sold out minutes after launching online, with its only physical store being in NYC. What makes this brand so appealing? The simple answer is INSTAGRAM.

THE “MEDIUM” BEHIND THE MADNESS: Instagram played a HUGE role in bringing Glossier into the success they’ve had. Glossier’s digital marketing strategy is based around social media, especially Instagram. That is why this brand appeals to so many millennials, they are constantly glued to their phone. All of their product launch announcements are made through social media, such as Instagram and Twitter. Their feed is eye catching, and composed of their brand's signature pastel colors giving the page a cohesive, organic flow. Glossier has a great relationship with their customers, providing amazing customer service, always answering and addressing questions and even involving consumers with brand polls. Choosing social media as the platform to release products and communicate with their customers is perfect for the target market of this brand, the internet generation.

EMILY WEISS: Weiss started the Glossier journey on her blog “Into the Gloss” where she interviewed beauty gurus like Kim Kardashian and Bobbi Brown. The blog allowed women to share their experiences and different skincare and makeup products in the comments. The site now has 1.5 million views each month.

THE BRAND THAT CARES: It is clear that the people of Glossier want to show their customers that they care. Glossier forms a community with their customers, rather than being a far removed retailer. Glossier wants to get to know their customers instead of just “talk at them.” Weiss wanted Glossier to feel real and allow women to connect with each other. It also allows Weiss to get suggestions from her customers through social media and interacts with them on Glossier’s blog, which allows her to grow the brand.

BRAND IDENTITY: Another thing that sets Glossier apart from other makeup brands is its unique color palette. Their signature shade of pink is easy to pick out in a crowd. They focus on images of women who are diverse and look natural with dewy glowing skin and minimal makeup, with the occasional pop of color. Weiss wants women to feel comfortable in their own skin, instead of using makeup as a mask. The use of pictures is important because it minimizes the “noise” of something like an email subscription, where you cannot get the real essence of the product.

HERE TO STAY: Glossier has built a solid brand using social media and digital outlets as their platform. They continue to bring new products to the market based off consumer research and continue to gain more loyal customers (and followers). GuruPeeps has extensive knowledge and experience in not only building a brand and product line from the ground up, but also the knowledge and expertise to help you grow (or create) your brand's digital online presence. From brand identity creation, to product development, to influencer campaigns, to social media management, copy writing, ad creation and media buying we can do it all. We'd love to chat with you about how to grow (or create) your brand and product line. Drop us a line at, we'd love to set up a time to do a free brand audit and hear more about your vision.

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